Review: Spot the Difference by Juno Dawson

This book was #5 on my Book Riot Read Harder Challenge list: read a middle-grade book.

I downloaded this super cheap little novella as it was one of the World Book Day offerings. Having already read Rainbow Rowell’s contribution and finding it ok-but-not-great I wasn’t expecting too much from Dawson but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually preferred this story to Rowell’s as I thought it was more coherant and had more exciting characters.
The story involves a young girl with bad skin who undertakes a miraculous transformation and is suddenly accepted into the ‘A team’ friendship group. It looks at themes of bullying, disability, entitlement and overcoming adversity and builds up to a great cliffhanger ending.

For such a short book it manages to raise some really interesting points and I think it would resonate with younger readers. If I had any criticisms I would say it was a little formulaic but it was still a great story.

Overall rating: 8/10


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