Review: Frenched by Melanie Harlow (Blind date with a book)


I read this book as part of a book tag challenge which I found on Lara’s blog. I think this is a great way to read something that you would never have chosen yourself, and hey, who doesn’t love a free ebook? In order to participate in the challenge, I completed a simple quiz that Lara had created. The result identified a free ebook called ‘Frenched’ by Melanie Harlow which I downloaded and read. The rules of the challenge state that anyone can take part as long as they agree to read and review whichever book is chosen for them…so here goes…

I have to say that I was initially disappointed in the book that I was given as it’s not the usual kind of thing that I would read. The front cover just showed a shot of a woman in a lacy bra which suggested that the story would be sex-heavy and content-lite. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not prudish in any way but I often find that sexed up chick lit can be a bit boring and predictable, especially if it badly written (which it often is).

To my surprise, I actually quite enjoyed the book. As the cover suggested, the story was predictable but was actually quite well written.

Please note that this is not the kind of novel that you would recommend to your mother (unless you have an extremely open relationship) as the two main characters end up having sex A LOT and when they’re not they’re either thinking about it or talking about it. There is a major focus on the main characters orgasming at the same time, as though this is the holy grail of great sex. In real life the female character would have got a UTI from the endless amounts of shagging (and possibly had to visit a sexual health clinic because SHE DIDN’T USE A CONDOM). I sensed that the author felt a bit of moral reluctance about having a character say the immortal lines ‘go ahead, I’m on the pill’ (as though pregnancy was the only thing that she should be protecting herself against) so there was a clumsy justification about ‘feeling that it was ok’ even though she was was aware of the risks because ‘she just wanted to feel close to him’. You won’t be thinking that when you test positive for chlamydia (or worse), I thought to myself.

Apart from that, there was an interesting bit of s&m action where it was nice to see a) a female enjoying herself and b) even playing a dominant role (although this scene was only mentioned briefly as a memory of the night before).

The sex scenes are quite varied and the narrative moves along nicely. Although the main female character falls hopelessly in love (in a week) and just wants to get married and have babies she doesn’t come across as particularly weak or needy in the majority of the text – although in the last few chapters she almost considers a relationship with her idiot ex because he buys her a pink Chanel handbag, which was so stereotypically awful that I couldn’t help but cringe. 

Some of the characters were a bit one dimensional and were often described as part of the scenery with no interaction between themselves and the two lead roles. For example, the main character has two friends who are totally interchangeable as their personalities are not explored at all. I think it would have added to the narrative if they had had a bigger part to play.

Overall the novel didn’t hold my attention enough to want to download the subsequent titles in the series but if you’re looking for an easy read (with lots of sex) then this is a good book to go for.

Overall rating: 5/10.

3 thoughts on “Review: Frenched by Melanie Harlow (Blind date with a book)

  1. Wow! I feel like I have read the book based on your review! To be honest, I just threw in this book last minute and it’s because i was like let me add romance, the rest don’t have much of romance in them 🙂 Thanks for reading this book, even finishing it. means a lot, would love to participate in anything you create sincerely!


      1. Maybe in future :). No you didn’t give too much away, but I have a very on point imagination when it comes to books.

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