Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge


Hello everyone!

Ok so I just went to publish this post and wordpress seems to have wiped everything I had written…grrr…

So my original post talked about the fact that I’ve almost finished the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge 2016 and that I’ve really enjoyed it although I found it quite easy to complete. I started the challenge in about June and have a quarter of a book left to go, after reading quite a lot of other books in between.

I’ve been looking around for another challenge for 2017 and I came across the popsugar reading challenge. As this challenge is roughly double the number of books that Book Riot suggests, I’ve looked at the maths and I think should just about be ok. I think I can fill a lot of the categories from my TBR but I imagine I will be using Netgalley as a primary source of reading material. This means I won’t be able to plan my reading out in advance (as reviews for netgalley books need to be completed within a given timeframe) – I can’t tell you how annoying that is. I think I’ll have to just plan the challenge out a month at a time and try to restrict what I’m currently reading to one or two books – not good for someone like me who usually has at least 5 books on the go at once. Again, grrrr.

Has anyone else done the popsugar challenge? If you have any thoughts or experiences please let me know!


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