Happy New Year!


Hello lovelies,

Happy New Year to you all!

Are you all excited for 2017? I know I am!

Are you all prepared for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge? I’ll do a separate post about this on Wednesday but so far I’ve identified a few books from my TBR and got cracking reading a couple of them. Reviews next week.

Also, I’ve learnt that a friend of a friend has written a series of YA fantasy novels that I’m very excited to read. She’s had very positive reviews so far so I’ll hopefully enjoy her stories. If not, I’ll have to keep it quiet that I sort of know her… awkward.

Finally, I’ve got a huge book haul from Xmas that I’ve got to work my way through, plus some books that I’ve borrowed from friends and family. Plus book that I bought in the sales. Plus books that I bought based on other people’s recommendations. Basically – lots of books.

I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and that the New Year brings you all lots of bookish happiness.

Happy reading!

Love, Lucinda x


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