Finding a Book Published by a Micropress


Hi everyone,

I’m doing ok with my #Read Harder 2017 allocation list but I’m really struggling to find a book that’s been published by a micropress. Can anyone help?

Firstly, I’m finding it hard to identify exactly what constitutes a micropress. I’d given up googling this (no, NOT Microsoft) and instead I’m looking around for “small publishing houses”. Is this the same thing?

Secondly, a lot of the recommendations on Goodreads etc. are for American publishers. Being based in the UK it’s just easier to buy something from a British publishing house (plus it’s nice to support local-ish businesses). What I’d really like to do is find a micropress in the West Midlands but since finding one at all is like looking for a needle in a haystack I don’t think I’ll have much luck.

Thirdly, I usually read e-books on my kindle and from the few small publishers that I have found, most only do hard copy books.

Finally, I’m looking for an engaging book that appeals to me. I don’t want to read about canals, or poetry, or recollections of the Hampstead Ponds. I appreciate that it’s incredibly hard to get a publishing deal but there is a teeny tiny part of me that thinks that if these books were any good they would have been picked up by a bigger publisher *gasp*. Yes I know that makes me a terrible person.

Does anyone have ANY IDEAS AT ALL about this category? I’ll take anything you’ve got.

Ta very much,

Lucinda x

3 thoughts on “Finding a Book Published by a Micropress

  1. Hey Lucinda, well I think micropress is same small publishing houses 🙂 also I think it’s the same as indie literature or indie titles. If you use Netgalley, there are quite many indie author and small publishers so I think you’d find something there and in either case it’s a good site where you can get arc copies and good books to read for free (as long as you review them and have an active blog/other active social media)

    Last year I read this book called Star Racers by Martin Felando. I rated it 3 stars but it was pretty enjoyable read, kind of a scifi space opera so I think I’d recommend that one.

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