A Tribute to Terry Pratchett


I’ve just watched the tribute programme to Terry Pratchett on BBC 2. It was a lovely way to remember his life and to say goodbye from his fans, friends and family.

I’ve loved Terry Pratchett ever since I was at university. My ex-boyfriend recommended him to me and bought me The Hogfather for Christmas (back when buying paperbacks was a thing). I immediately loved the inventiveness, the humour, the way that the story was a proper adventure.

The expansiveness of the discworld novels never fails to amaze me. At one point in the documentary, they show a map of Ankh Morpork and the level of detail is incredible. Terry literally imagined and remembered a whole world in his head. What a genius. I can’t believe that someone with such an expansive mind was so reduced by dementia.

From the documentary, I’ve learnt that there was a certain snobbishness about Terry’s work from the professional book critics of the day (back when that was a real thing too). I’ve heard great stories about mums who would say to librarians

“he’s never been interested in reading before he picked up a discworld book. Now could you recommend some proper literature?”

Apparently Terry was really angry about this and he loved to know that people had been put in their place (he referred to librarians as his dirndl army, which I just love). 

The documentary also focused on the lasting friendship between Terry and Neil Gaiman. There was a very touching interview with Neil where he was moved to tears (that Neil assumed would be cut) but that was kept in. I’ve read hundreds of comments on Facebook saying that seeing Neil cry allowed them to cry too. Neil also gave a really beautiful and moving tribute to Terry which you can view here.

The whole documentary is available on BBC iPlayer. I highly recommend that you watch it.

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