Review: Shelton in Love by Dianne Hartsock


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Shelton in Love is the story of two flatmates, Shelton and Nevil. Shelton is a male model but is UN-body-confident, having suffered from a botched circumcision as a child. His flatmate Nevil is just as gorgeous, but has a different partner every night of the week and runs away from commitment. Shelton is hopelessly in love with him but wants a committed, lasting relationship. Can the two men ever be compatible?

First off, have to say that romance is not really my thing, although I do find LGBTQ+ romance books a little more interesting. Therefore, I can’t really say that I enjoyed this book in its entirety.

One of the best things about the book was the sex scenes. Warning – there are a lot and they’re fairly graphic (as in, the author tells you exactly what’s going on). However, I did feel that the sex was a little unrealistic (due to the fact that it’s all the two main characters do) and could have been a bit more nuanced. One of the main characters has previously enjoyed sleeping around and yet there is never any real conflict of emotions – it’s just “I’m in love with you now and I’ll never think of or look at another man ever again”. It’s all very sweet and passionate and by the end of the book I found it a little bit boring.

I hate to say it, but I did feel like sometimes the sex scenes were linked together by a pretty weak storyline. The characters were both so one dimensional that there was never any sort of conflict between them. The book was sold on the premise that both characters needed to overcome their insecurities to move forwards but as soon as Nevil said that Shelton was gorgeous naked he seemed to overcome 90% of his body consciousness and as soon as Nevil realised that Shelton wanted to marry him he proposed. I thought that the book would have been a bit more interesting if these issues had been stronger – it certainly would have added more drama.

Overall, I thought that Shelton in Love was a nice easy read, but ultimately a little bland. Great if you enjoy romance books, but not my cup of tea.

Rating: 5/10.

Please note that I read this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, Netgalley! I also read this book as part of the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge #20 Read an LGBTQ+ romance novel.

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