My Trip to Astley Book Farm

It was my birthday last week (yay!) so I convinced my partner (who never reads anything for fun) that it would be a great idea to take me to a book farm for the day. After much moaning (there won’t be much there, you’ll be cold, I’ll be bored etc.) I managed to get him to get up and into the car. One flat tyre and one broken air compressor later (plus more moaning) we swapped cars and off we went.

Finally we arrived and…wow! It’s so cute!


Photo credit:

Obviously it didn’t look quite like this in deepest darkest February but you get the idea.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what a book farm is, it’s literally an old farm which has been filled with books. At Astley, there’s also a coffee shop and a reading area with a massive woodburner kicking out lots of heat. Perfect to snuggle up in front of with your new purchases.

It. Was. Amazing.

Honestly, I could have spent all day there. There were just SO MANY BOOKS! Even my partner found it interesting. I could have bought a carload of paperbacks but I limited myself to just five (TBR list is getting way out of hand).


How adorable is the Lyra’s Oxford book? Plus, it has a gorgeous bookplate inside:


In the interests of security I haven’t taken a photo of the full name and address but I thought this was really sweet. Maybe I’ll write to her? Also I thought it was pretty hilarious that she’d put a Harry Potter book plate in a His Dark Materials book. I really love finding pre-owned books with details from their previous owners inside, so I just had to have it.

We had a really lovely lunch in the cafe (all homemade food/cake with a big selection of teas and coffee) which was really delicious and a perfect way to end the trip.

If any of you ever find yourself in the Bedworth/Coventry area of the UK I would highly recommend a visit. Contact details and online shop are all on the website:

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