Viewpoint: Top Bookish Podcasts

Hello Bookworms! 

Despite the fact that I recently heard someone say “I know they’re old fashioned but I like listening to podcasts” (to which I replied “they’ve literally just been invented”) I thought I’d share the love of my favourite bookish/book based shows. Podcasts have been a complete revelation to me – I listen to them every day and unlike an audiobook they require far less concentration, so I often tune in when I’m pottering round the house, getting ready in the mornings or cooking. I’m always on the lookout for new recommendations so let me know what I’m missing out on in the comments!

In no particular order, my extra special bookish faves are…

1. The Mortified Podcast

This is a brilliant NSFW show where participants read out diary entries from their youth to a live audience – with predictably hilarious results. The diary entries are just SO teenage and feature all of the expected drama, angst and terrible emo poetry that you’d expect. If you ever want to have a good nostalgic laugh then this is the podcast for you.

2. Susan Calman’s Mrs Brightside

Susan Calan is a stand up comedian and wrote the book Cheer up Love about living with depression. In Mrs Brightside, she expands on her own experiences to talk to other comedians about their issues with mental health and discusses their thoughts with warmth and humour. Super interesting, honest and funny (despite the subject matter) I’d highly recommend it. 

3. The Baby-Sitters Club Club

If you were a child of the 80’s and 90’s then you would have been hard pushed to have missed the books of Stoneybrook’s own Ann M Martin. Her ridiculously long running series The Baby Sitters Club had over 200 volumes published between 1986 – 2000 and this podcast aims to discuss each book in turn. That sounds quite dull but the presenters apply a ludicrous amount of clinical dissection to every novel, finding everything from crazy conspiracy theories to religious overtones. My favourite segment is “b-b-b-burn of the weeeek” where the hosts choose the sickest burn they can find. Hilarious!

4. My Dad Wrote a Porno

You’d need to have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about this podcast but the reputation it’s gained is well deserved. Honestly, I’ve never laughed so hard at something so bad. The basic premise is that James’ dad has written a series of books called Belinda Blinked which are the WORST pieces of erotic fiction ever – that he then reads out to his friends. Cringey, ridiculous and anatomically impossible, the show is definitely NSFW and will make you laugh, exclaim and recoil in horror in equal measure. 

5. Books and Authors

This is the bookish podcast from BBC Radio Four and incorporates the shows A Good Read and Open Book. Depending on which show is featured, it’s either a general chit-chat about all things bookish or a book club style discussion with two celebrity guests about their favourite novels. Highly informative and interesting (even if it can be a bit high brow) this is a great short show to listen to.

What are your favourite bookish podcasts? Do you have any recommendations?  Do you listen to any of the shows that I’ve chosen? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Viewpoint: Top Bookish Podcasts

  1. Lol I would definitely call podcasts oldfashion! I don’t listen to a lot of book podcasts (I like the murder/true crime stuff) but My Dad Wrote a Podcast sounds hilarious! The one book podcast I listen to is Smart Podcast, Trashy Books (the podcast for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books).

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  2. Awesome list! I’d actually love to listen to the babysitters club, even though I’ve never read the books- that sort of over the top analysis for a series like that is weirdly exactly what appeals to me! And I have been living under a rock, cos I hadn’t heard of my dad wrote a porno- it sounds hilarious though! The Mortified Podcast sounds really funny as well!

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    1. Ha! I hadn’t realised the parallels but you’d definitely like the BSC C podcast, they throw in everything from Greek mythology to theology to, um, bee theory (the characters are living in a hive supporting Queen Kristy – it makes more sense of you listen to it). I’m sure you could throw in some of your knowledge of ancient pots of whatever 😉

      Oh and you must listen to MDWAP right now. Go. Go now. Just use headphones because it’s porn, obvs. But not sexy porn or even bad porn. It’s like erotic literature written by someone who has never had sex and wants to show off their business acumen. The reactions of the narrators are what make it.


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