Sorting Out the Shelves #1

Hello Bookworms!

I’m on a bit of a mission to sort out my house at the moment but the one thing that always gets missed is my bookshelves. I have three Billy bookcases in my spare room and they’re basically full, so time to (sob) get rid of some books.

I’m sure you’ll all understand how hard this is, so I’ve promised myself that each week I’ll choose one series or group of books to keep and one to throw away (I say throw out, I obviously mean charity shop).

This week’s selection features the two most obvious choices that jumped out at me as soon as I looked at my bookshelves. They are…


My selection of Virago Modern Classics

Sooooo pretty…

I actually wrote a post quite a while ago about how much I adore these books and I’ve been adding to my collection ever since. I love them sooooo much so they’re definitely staying.


The Twilight Series (is that what it’s actually called?)

These books do not spark deep joy…


Now, I can’t deny that these are pretty books. You can’t tell but the middle two books have a special blood red edge to the pages that works so well with the predominantly black covers. Unfortunately, I hate the content and I know I’ll never read them again so these have got to go. Also, what possessed me to get the final book in hardback when the previous three were paperbacks? Urgh. I must have assumed that they wouldn’t make it to my bookshelves, or picked the final book up for cheap somewhere (it does look secondhand). Begone!

Do you have overflowing bookshelves? Have you been inspired to have a clear out? Which of your books would you definitely keep or get rid of? Let me know in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Sorting Out the Shelves #1

  1. Pretty books, wow! I’ll have to take a look at that post. I have the Twilight series but I must confess as a once obsesessed vampire fan (90s and early 00s) I still have them and have reread them. I have a problem with getting rid of books. Because I have given away books in the past and wish I hadn’t I don’t like to now. Sometimes I decide I want to read them or am in the mood for them. I have a lot of Sookie Sackhouse/True Blood books on my shelf, I am tempted to let them go, I don’t mind them but the style is not my favourite. I have two bookshelves, large, and a stack which keeps growing.

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    1. They are beautiful aren’t they! I’m not much of a re-reader and didn’t like Twilight the first time around so they had to go!

      I know what you mean, I hate getting rid of books too but I have way too many and this gives me a good opportunity to put them into some kind of order!


  2. Ahh I can most certainly relate to the pain of having to give away books- I’ve had to do it a lot too *sobs*- but sometimes it’s gotta be done :/ I *love* your virago classics- they’re lovely!! I also got rid of my copies of twilight a while ago. Good luck with your clear out! πŸ˜€

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    1. I really do have to have a clear out, the shelves are bending under the weight πŸ˜€

      I love my VMC’s too! I’ve got A Game of HIde and Seek by Elizabeth Taylor to read next. Soooo pretty!!!


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