Sorting Out the Shelves #4

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Hello Bookworms!

Welcome to another edition of sorting out the shelves! Today, I’m looking at my “popular” books from the 90’s/00’s

See the source image

(I imagine this is how I would look if I won some kind of popularity contest)

So, lets begin by looking at some of the most popular books of all time and then move on to some pop psychology/sociology…

It’s time for Own or Re-Home!


Harry Potter. Need I say more?

You might recognise these covers…


I have a complete set of the paperback versions of the HP books, some of which are first editions (but worth precisely zilch because the print run will have been so huge). This took supreme effort from me – when the final book was released I waited a whole year to read the paperback so that I didn’t mess up my bookshelves with a random hardback. They take pride of place in the middle of my bookshelves along with some other HP paraphernalia (like my picture of me on a broomstick flying over Hogwarts). I love these books so much that I’ll never part with them.


A selection of pop psychology/sociology/anthropology mostly written by TV media types…

It was just a phase…


I still love books that teach me about other cultures (including my own) or people, especially if they’re written in a humorous way. There seemed to be loads of them out in the mid 2000’s  – I bought most of these for my train journey to and from work from WHSmiths on New Street Station. However, as interesting as they were I don’t treasure them or feel like I’ll ever return to reading them again (I can still pretty much remember what they said) so off to the library used bookshop they go!

Do you have a selection of similar books from a specific period in your life? Do you have any bookish phases that you’ve been through? What do your Harry Potter books look like? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Sorting Out the Shelves #4

  1. My HPs are all hardbacks, I could not have waited for the pbs! I think pbs would fall apart with how much I read them anyway 😀
    Went through a Point Horror phase around 2000. Most of them were awful.

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    1. I honestly don’t know how I had the patience AND avoided spoilers. I guess it was back in the days when we were used to waiting to buy things hard copy!

      Oh gosh, Point Horror! I think they also did Point Romance? Those books were awful but along with Judy Blume and Paula Danziger there wasn’t much else in the way of teen fiction!

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      1. Hehe me too but my friend used to read them (honestly!) I think by the millennium I’d become a full on goth so the only thing I was reading was Kerrang! magazine or maybe Stephen King. He was soooo popular at my 6th form. Then I really got into George Orwell but I can’t really remember what else I liked. It’s a shame I wasn’t as organised as you and didn’t keep some kind of record!

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