My Good Reading Habits Tag

I’ve been tagged by the super-awesome Orangutan Librarian to do the Good Reading Habits book tag – yay! Thank you my lovely! 💕

I have to admit that I don’t have that many good habits when it comes to reading but I’ll try to over-emphasise the ones that I do possess in order to look like a wholesome book blogging community member 😉

Here we go!

#1. I look after my books


Books are precious little gems to me, so I either keep them in my Billy bookcases (mostly behind glass) or on my TBR trolley (because unread books on shelves get forgotten about and make me feel a bit sick). I once lent a book to someone I worked with and it came back with pages missing – as far as I’m concerned, if you mistreat a book then you’re an animal. Urgh.


#2. I never write in books or fold down pages


See above. Animals! Look at the state of those spines!


#3. I volunteer in my local library

File:Earlsdon library 30j08.JPG

I feel like I’ve been banging on a lot about this recently but helping out in a library has been brilliant. Earlsdon Carnegie Community Library (ECCL) is now entirely community led (i.e. run by volunteers) so not only am I a small part of a team that keeps the place running, I also get to push advertise my favourite books using a variety of surreptitious methods – writing up little “recommended” cards, turning the stacked books sideways to showcase their lovely front covers, generally being gobby about what someone should read next… 😉


#4. I regularly donate unwanted books and happily buy used books

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design

I have a quasi-regular feature on my blog called “Sorting Out the Shelves” where I either decide to own or rehome some of my old books. Any books that I don’t want get sent to the ECCL used book shop, with the proceeds going back into the library coffers – although I usually bring back more than I’ve donated!


#5. I take part in the Read Harder challenge


I love taking part in this challenge – it really helps me to increase the variety of books that I read and helps marginalised authors to get more recognition. I’ve found some real gems over the years – everything from non-violent true crime to food memoirs!


#6. I log everything on Goodreads, even though it pains me

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 00.15.35

Ahh, another tag, another opportunity to moan about Goodreads! Seriously though, I try to keep my page as up-to-date as possible so that I can track what I’ve read and search out new recommendations. I also try to review everything that I’ve read both on the site and on my blog (although there’s often a big time lag).


#7. I take part in various schemes designed to promote books


I take part in the Calendar Girls meme, where every month we recommend our favourite books based on a specific topic. I’m also a member of The Write Reads, where a big group of us all promote each other’s book reviews and bookish content on Twitter.


Well, give that girl a medal, eh? I didn’t intend to sound so virtuous – pass the sick bucket!

I tag: N S Ford, Book Beach Bunny and Christina!


What good bookish habits do you have? Let me know in the comments – and feel free to tag yourself!


12 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits Tag

  1. I have the same cart color and everything! Though mines missing one of the little silver things 🙂 Still holds up also it’s pretty much the first thing I ever put together without help 🙂 Thanks for the tag!

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  2. So glad you did this! ❤ I just love your trolley so much! Ah what a monster to mess up your book! I will admit to being the kind of animal that writes in (my own) books- I blame the English lit degree 😉 (also I can't help that I'm an animal thank you very much! 😉 ) haha always great to recommend books! I also relate to bringing back more books than I donate 😉 I'm obsessed with tracking books on GR too.

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