Discussion: Found Books

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post concerns a weird event that took place whilst I was out enjoying the ridiculously hot weather that we’re currently having in the UK (remember, heat is such a rare thing here that us Brits are not equipped to cope – also we don’t have air conditioning). I went with a couple of friends on a bit of a road trip to Newark Antiques Fair for a browse around the outdoor stalls. Nothing caught my eye, but on the way back to the car (which does have air con, thank God) I came across a box of old books that had just been left in the middle of the field. It looks like someone had either put them on the floor when they were loading up their car and forgot them, or perhaps had abandoned them because they’d not been able to sell them on. Hopefully it wasn’t because they’re haunted and/or the were ditching them to break a curse. Anyway, I obviously had a bit of a rifle through and found a couple of interesting titles that I kept (stole). Seriously though, there was no-one around and there was no way of knowing who they belonged to.

The first book I noticed is called “The Brotherhood of Light” and looks to me like it might be Masonic? It was published in 1947 by the Church of Light and seems to be about stellar healing, or using astronomy to improve physical health. Whatever it is, it’s pretty weird.

The second book is called “Sciatica, Lumbago and Brachialgia” by Dr Henry Lawson and was published in 1877. It’s a second edition so might be quite rare. It seems like a standard medical text although it’s incredibly quaint; “a subcutaneous injection into the joints of the phalanges” is one passage that stuck out. I’m sure there’s loads of weird and wonderful treatments detailed in it.

I can’t wait to research both books to find out more about them!

So – have you ever found a book by accident and kept it? Do you have any interesting experiences of books finding you, instead of the other way round? Do you have any idea what the books I’ve found are? Let me know!

I hope that you’re all having lovely sunny days, wherever you are in the world.

Lucinda x