Review: Animal by Sara Pascoe

This book was #19 on my Book Riot Read Harder Challenge list: read a non-fiction book about feminism or dealing with feminist themes.

If you’re ever feeling a bit depressed about your body, you should read this book and rejoice in your fat thighs, persistent unwanted body hair or cellulite. Sara Pascoe is here to help.

With an almost painful honesty about her own body insecurities, Sara examines the female body from a genetic and evolutionary perspective to explain that IT’S NOT JUST YOU and that WE’RE ALL MEANT TO LOOK LIKE THAT. Sara shouts many important concepts at the reader but the book never feels preachy or judgemental.

The overall tone of the book remains fairly light throughout despite touching on really emotive subjects such as rape and abortion without trivialising them. Sara adds some very personal annecdotes which makes the whole thing really engaging, despite the fact that the book uses scientific explanations for many of the concepts discussed. Funny and entertaining whilst also being informative and educational, Animal is one of those books that you encourage all of your female friends to read. I wish I had had a copy as a teenager, I genuinely can’t recommend it enough.

Sara Pascoe for PM! (or failing that, my new BFF).

Overall rating: 8.5/10.