Review: Spectacles by Sue Perkins

I read this book because I bloody love Superkins. I’ve been a fan since the days of Light Lunch. I remember seeing her and Mel mucking around on TV and thinking ‘this is just like me and my best friend’. You could see that warmth that existed between them which in my eyes made them such a great comedy duo.

Naturally, I’m incredibly sad that something as perfect as the  Great British Bake Off in its current format is over. It just won’t be the same without Mel and Sue making soggy bottom puns and giving the bakers a hug when they need it. It’s not often that presenters make such a difference to a show (especially when their role is mainly announcing how much time is left and telling the contestants who is going home/winning Star Baker) but Mel and Sue really added a sense of comedy and fun to what otherwise could have been a fairly boring cookery contest.

Anyway, back to the book… 

You may be surprised to learn that I really enjoyed this book. Sue is really funny but you get to understand some quite personal, difficult details about her life (bereavement, relationship breakups, a brain tumour, her dad’s cancer). She’s really frank about some of her problems, her family and her relationships although I’m aware of a couple of girlfriends that have been left out, including Rhona Cameron the comedian. She also didn’t talk about how she felt when she was outed in the press, possibly because it involved Rhona. I’ve previously heard Sue say that Rhona refers to her as the love of her life so I would have been interested to read about their relationship in greater detail (or to understand why it wasn’t mentioned).

I was surprised to read that Sue isn’t nearly as confident as she comes across on screen, which is sad because I think she’s great. I’m hopefully going to see her live in March next year and really looking forward to it.

Overall, this book is funny, cleverly written and very engaging. I thought it was a great read.

Rating: 8.5/10